Homemade clothing that looks like designer clothing! 

Boutique de Couture has two handy ironing aids in the webshop to help perfect your homemade clothing.
Ironing aid Kimberley, also known as tailor's board, is a real must have for both the professional clothing designer and the tailor hobbyist! It also comes with a handy pressing block. Seam press Wendoline, also called a beak, has a handy tip, ideal for opening long seams, collars and hard-to-reach corners! 
With these ironing aids, your homemade clothing will look like designer clothing! 

You can simply order ironing aid Kimberley and/or seam press Wendoline in our webshop. Our webshop also offers more products for making your own clothing, which makes Boutique de Couture the website for all your tailor's needs! Some products are even exclusively available through us in the Netherlands! 

Our product pages contain an extensive description of ironing aid Kimberley and seam press Wendoline.

When making clothes you come across many round shapes and lines that follow the curves of the body.
This ingenious ironing aid helps you to shape these curves and smooth and open ironing / pressing of hollow, convex and straight seams such as: sleeves, collars, pockets and darts.
This makes the ironing aid ideal for coupeuses and clothing designers. A real must-have!

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Seam press Wendoline is ideal for ironing open long seams, collars and awkward corners.

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