Ironing aid Kimberley

Ironing aid Kimberley

Homemade clothing that looks like designer clothing!
The secret of beautiful homemade clothing is perfect ironing and pressing!  

When making clothing, you will encounter many curved shapes and lines that follow the curves of the body.
This ingenious ironing aid helps you with preforming these curves and with flattening or opening concave, convex and straight seams with an iron or a press, like sleeves, collars, pockets and darts.
This makes ironing aid Kimberley ideal and indispensable for dressmakers and clothing designers alike. A real must have!


How does the ironing aid help improve your ironing and pressing?
The ironing aid has 10 uniquely shaped pressing surfaces. You place your piece of clothing, inside up, on the designated shape and use your fingers to open the seam, whereafter you iron or press the seam flat and open with the tip of the iron.
Ironing aid Kimberley is made out of hardwood, so moisture and heat do not pose a problem and the ironing aid will not distort or splinter.
The edges of the ironing aid are smaller than the seam width, which prevents the seams from pressing into the good side of the fabric.

1. The upper surface
This surface is about the size of the underside of an iron. You can use this for regular ironing and pressing.

2. Long, straight edge
Useful for opening and flattening straight seams with an iron, like side seams, parting lines and sleeve seams, but also to iron open seams of long collars.

3. Long, curved edge with outside bend
For gentle curves, like pressing darts in women's clothing or ironing open collars before placing them onto the garment.

4. Big outside bend
This can be used to shape the sleeve cap and for creating optional space by steaming the sleeve cap seam, before placing it in the arm hole.

5. Large rounded edge
For collars and other curved parts without sharp angles.

6. Tip of the large rounded edge
Use this in combination with large rounded edge to press open things like collars, including the tips.

7. Tip of the long, straight edge
Very useful for ironing collars with sharp tips.

8. Curve on the long, straight edge
Handy for ironing collars and cuffs.

9. Curved surface
This surface is ideal for curved seams that are hard to reach, like in children's clothing.

10. Pressing block
The pressing block is used for hems and folds and to press thick seams to make them flatter. You can also use it to press a fold in trousers.
Place your garment on a firm surface. Hold your steam iron above the garment and steam it with steam heat appropriate for the fabric. While the fabric is still hot, press on the fabric with the pressing block.

Don't forget to use a pressing cloth. Seams and fabric edges can sometimes start gleaming.
Please make sure you have a flat, firm ironing surface for both the ironing aid and the pressing block.



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